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wish.jpgFundraising, if you haven't ever done it, can seem daunting. It just seems so difficult - maybe even a bit scary - asking people for money. And yet, there are successful fundraisers all around you. In previous years, many dedicated individuals just like you raised thousands of dollars for the National MS Society. Many have far exceeded their initial goals and surprised themselves with how easy it was to raise funds and have come back repeatedly raising even more.

People give to people. It really is that simple. The main reason that people will give is because you have asked them to and how you have asked. Don't let the thought of asking frighten you; just invite everyone you know to share the experience with you.

Each Bike MS participant is required to raise the minimum pledge of $250. However, the majority of riders go far above and beyond the fundraising minimum.

We’ll be with you every mile, providing excellent tools to make your fundraising journey a success!

How to Fundraise: Tips & Tools to get you Started


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