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Download the participant guide here.

Why form a team?
Since the dawn of time, history has shown that humans enjoy doing things together, as part of a group. Therefore, we developed a team program that focuses on this. We provide materials, incentives and staff to help you form and motivate a team. All you need to do is recruit three teammates who want to join in the movement towards a world fee of multiple sclerosis

Teams can consist of friends, family members, co-workers and a variety of other groups. A team is any group of coworkers, fellow students, religious/civic organization members, friends, or family members who pre-register, raise money, and ride together on the weekend of Bike MS.

How do I get started as a team captain?
Becoming a team captain is easy. Start with registering yourself and picking a team name

The rest is as simple as 1-2-3.

Step 3: RIDE

The rest is up to us! We will provide you with all the tools you need to ensure a successful experience.
Note: There is no additional registration fee to register as a team. Each team member is required to register and raise at least $250.

I started a team, now what?
Get the word out: display posters and brochures everywhere; place a note in your company or organization newsletter. Get help from your company, your family, and your community by telling them what you are doing and asking them to support you by joining your team or donating money on your behalf. Utilize online tools: set up a team webpage for everyone to visit. Motivate your team to work hard and reach its goal, encourage them to become one of the top fund-raising teams. Watch your email and mailbox for various incentives for teams to increase their fund-raising dollars.

Corporate Teams
Teams link the National Multiple Sclerosis Society with corporate America and the community in a partnership that supports our mission of achieving a world of MS. Uniting businesses for a common cause through team participation creates positive community visibility. It also provides employees with a fun social outing at little or no cost. There are many rewarding advantages to starting a corporate team:

When you participate as a corporate team in the Bike MS event, your company name and logo are seen by more than 500. Riders and volunteers and hundreds of supporters, as well as newspaper, television and radio media outlets from across Southern Nevada. Your corporate participation also displays your company’s commitment to the MS community of over 400,000 people nationwide.

Thank you for joining the movement against MS!
For more information about Bike MS teams call at 702.736.1478 or


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